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those in need


For the last four years Central New Hampshire Paranormal Society has helped members of society ,both private homes and businesses deal with their paranormal needs free of charge .We have logged many hours in education ,research and investigations for our clients . 

Our mission:We gather evidence ,debunk or confirm reports of activity,provide education and follow up.Our goal is ease of mind. If we are unable to provide all these services we will provide appropriate individuals who can.

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Meet Our Team

​Eduard Nelson


I have been a believer of ghosts and spirits for a few years . I hope to gain more knowledge ,communicate with spirits and help those in need.

Tim Church


I have always had an interest in the paranormal and hope to help those in need.

Tina Levesque-Anguiano


​At an early age i have had dealings with paranormal activity. I joined to hone my sensitivities while helping others in need with their paranormal activity.

Virginia Gilfoy-Adams Investigator


I am 3rd generation who can see the paranormal . I am here to help those answer their paranormal questions

Aaron Potter


I have been a paranormal investigator since 2011 during the 2 1/2 yrs I have been in another group,had a group and have been a free lance investigator. I have learned how to use equip. deal with clients and the paranormal with the hopes of learning more.

S​onya Csapo Eckers Investigator

I have grown up experiencing the paranormal. I am here to continue my growth and help people solve their paranormal issues

Jon Bourgoin Investigator

​Ive been  passionate believer of the unknown all my life.At a young age i was hooked on ghost busters. I admit I am a rookie at this field but, with help I hope to learn all there is to learn and then some and help those deal with their paranormal issues

​Aren Levesque


At an early age I have had paranormal encounters.As i grew older it was confirmed I was a (Crystal child)I can see and feel things that others cant.I am here to learn more about my gift and help those in need

Mike DelRose Jr.-Investigator

I am a Realestate agent by trade. My job has increased my curiosity  in the paranormal field. I joined this team which is already dedicated to help people and further my own knowledge at the same time.

.Julie Finn-Investigator

Throughout my life I have had experiences that could not be explained I continue to look for answers and have joined this group to learn investigative techniques, have a cameradire with a group of people interpret my findings  and help clients with their confusing paranormal situations.

Lynnette MacIver-Investigator

I have been interested in the afterlife all my life. When I was a child I had several experiences some scared me. When I was a teen I came back to the paranormal. Way before it became popular I was researching and investigating. I read the tarot and have sensitivities . I want to broaden that while helping clients  with the team

Barbara Heigh Halliday-Investigator

I became interested in the paranormal many years ago after having a few unexplained occurances happen to me. Recently I have become more active investigating and researching the paranormal.. I love being in the field investigating while learning new nethods, meeting  and educating the clients and sharing my finding with others who have a common interest.